Sofrito Magazine goes digital with Magzter

Sofrito Magazine today goes digital with Magzter, the world’s largest and fastest growing global digital multi-platform magazine newsstand and bookstore. This quarterly magazine boasts of variety of sections including restaurant reviews, cookbook reviews, exciting recipes, interviews and video demonstrations. As cooking is no more restricted to the traditional kitchen ingredients, Sofrito has been attracting people from all over the world to try out new recipes and appreciate the latest food trends.

Dead Skull Jumper is Your New Favorite iOS App Arcade Game

California based Variety Apps today introduces Dead Skull Jumper 1.0 for iOS, an arcade game with a simple mission, survive! Enjoy the sweet but decrepit skeleton head. You must jump him through this never-ending course. If you don’t jump him at the right time, down below you go. The app challenges you to see how far you can get by getting two jumps at a time from ledge to ledge. Let’s see if you can handle falling to your death only to have passed a few levels, or are you part of the elite few?

New Paragon Boot Camp Backup Free to Back up Windows on Mac Systems

Paragon Software Group today announces Paragon Boot Camp Backup, the industry’s first and free OS X based backup solution for Windows partitions on Mac computers. Paragon Boot Camp Backup Free includes incremental imaging, file-level recovery, scheduler, restore to a smaller target disk, automatic check of file system for errors, and more. For a 100GB volume and 22 GB of occupied space, it takes only 12 min to back up and 15 min to restore the entire system.

DanceMaster – An iOS Music Player That Helps You Rehearse Efficiently

Indie developer, David Starke announces DanceMaster 2.0 for iOS, a music player designed for practicing, rehearsing, and teaching dance. Developed in cooperation with professional dancers and instructors alike, DanceMaster was specifically designed for the unique needs of the rehearsal process. This app automatically returns to the last place the music started- eliminating the frantic searching for the starting point of a section that takes up a surprising amount of time in many rehearsals.

Synium Software releases CleanApp 5 – Reclaim Valuable Disk Space

Synium Software today announces CleanApp 5, an important update to their popular uninstaller and system maintenance tool for Mac OS X. Accelerate your Mac by running a quick yet safe system sweep. Have CleanApp 5 look for unused or unnecessary files on your hard drive and free up valuable disk space. The brand new version 5 has been rewritten from scratch and features a new user interface, much improved usability and performance as well as enhanced algorithms to reclaim disk space.

Brute Force Games introduces Star Drop – A physics-based puzzler

Washington based Brute Force Games announces the up-and-coming release of Star Drop, its first mobile game release for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Star Drop is a physics-based puzzler. The objective is to destroy shapes by crashing stars into them. As the game progresses, more complex challenges surface. To overcome these obstacles, the player develops more advanced techniques. Star Drop will be available on the Apple App Store April 1st, 2015.

Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King Update Version 1.0.8 Submitted

Haypi Co., Ltd today announces the up and coming Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King 1.0.8, an update to their popular war strategy MMO for iOS. Set in the Middle Age, things are so restless in this kingdom of magic and darkness. Save your people from suffering and chaos; construct a new superpower from the ruins; expand your realm and protect it from invaders. Version 1.0.8 fixes bugs and adds new things to help make the game run better and smoother. It has been submitted to Apple for review.

Jumsoft Upgrades Toolboxes for Pages and Keynote for iOS

Jumsoft, a developer of high-quality applications and designs for OS X and iOS, has announced a major upgrade of its Toolbox applications for iOS. Toolboxes for Pages and Keynote provide thousands of templates and illustrations and offer a convenient way to purchase them by unit or category. The new versions feature updated interface design and hundreds of new items that had not been available for iOS users previously.

iOS Notification Provider – Receive iOS notifications on your Mac

mTouchLabs today announces the BLE notifier and its iPhone companion app the BLE Notification Provider to receive iOS notifications on your Mac. This app works on the Bluetooth & once it is paired your Mac receives notifications even the Mac app is not running actively. Users can see every notification from all the apps & also previews of the notification message can be seen on the Mac. Because BLE Notifier uses Bluetooth Low Energy, you can use the app all day without it draining the battery

Get Comics Gaming Magazine on Magzter

Magzter today announces Canada’s Comics Gaming Magazine, from Ronald P Frye & Co. Publishers. CGM is for the passionate, who seek professional insights about their favorite media. The latest issue of CGM looks at how education and games aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. Comics Gaming Magazine now offers 25+ million readers on Magzter a unique perspective of comics and videogames. Magzter is the world’s largest & fastest growing global digital multi-platform magazine newsstand and bookstore.