Addictive Reward Game Tappt Now Updated

Tappt by Applika Solutions invites gamers to tap a big red button quickly and repeatedly in order to make their way to the top leader board, win the competition, and get rewarded with real cash prizes. Users log in either through the app or via Facebook, select a competition and begin tapping. The no-cost app has a devoted global following, and the latest version is available from both the App Store and Google Play.

Miemode Releases Brave The Wave VR: New Virtual Reality iOS Game App

California based Miemode, LLC today introduces Brave the Wave VR 1.0 for iOS & Android, the first virtual reality game title in the company’s new line of innovative virtual reality apps and hardware. Don’t get seasick in this new game app as it immerses you into a daunting world where you’re stranded at sea and have your hopes & sights set on reaching an island safely. You soon realize though that you’re not alone, as both elements and creatures seemingly have far less fortunate plans for you.

Fyzuntu Arcade Game Now Available for iOS and Android

UK based Fyzuntu Games Limited announces Fyzuntu, a fun and intriguing, interactive dice game for iOS and Android devices. The Fyzuntu game can be played by either a single payer or multiple players at the same time on the same device. The game comprises of rolling dice to win rounds until it is the last round, when after the last roll, winners can be determined. More levels on the game can be unlocked by acquiring the Fyzuntu Pro version of the game.

TapGlance – Photo realistic interior design on your iPad

Black Mana Studios today introduces TapGlance 1.0, its powerful new and intuitive interior design app for iPad devices. TapGlance produces quick, professional and photo-realistic renders, packaged in a simple, intuitive app that anyone can use. TapGlance supports anything from a single-room cabin to an entire multi-story apartment. Effortlessly create photo-realistic renders of just about any project you have in mind. No prior experience or knowledge of professional 3D software is required.

India’s GNN Group is now on Magzter

One of India’s leading publishers, GNN Prakashan Pvt. Ltd., adds four of its exciting magazines; Indiaah, Outbound International, Last Sunday and Fashionova Genx, to the world’s largest & fastest growing global digital multi-platform magazine newsstand & bookstore, Magzter. GNN Group is best known for its travel magazines, which not only showcase interesting destinations across the length & breadth of India, but also around the world. Magzter is sure to make this publisher a household name soon.

Tap numbers fast in Fast Tap Numbers for iOS

Indie game development studio, NipaDidIt introduces Fast Tap Numbers 1.0, their new game title for iOS and Android devices. Fast Tap Numbers was designed with the simple idea of tapping numbers in order as fast as possible. There are 3 different game modes to choose from. While each one has the same basic idea of tapping the numbers in order as fast as possible, starting from number 1, all the game modes have a different goals to accomplish.

The premier sales advice book – Simply Selling! is available on iBooks

Independent developer and author, Mark Dennis introduces Simply Selling!, a new premier sales advice book available exclusively on iBooks in 51 countries. Fully understand the important concepts of selling professionally. Mark Dennis had more than three decades of international sales and management experience to draw from when he wrote this book, and his intention was to provide the necessary advice that would enable salespeople in all industries to become sales professionals.

24U announces Cryptor for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

24U Software introduces Cryptor 1.0, a new mobile application for iOS devices. Cryptor can encrypt or decrypt the current contents of the user’s clipboard as well as data provided to it by other applications through an URI or HTTP request. This makes the app a great companion for FileMaker Go and others. Users can easily encrypt or decrypt via the clipboard to protect any text or image manually, with multiple encryption keys that allow for sending encrypted data to someone else and more.

500 Coloring Pages App – Fun for hours for all ages

Playground today introduces 500 Coloring Pages, its new coloring app developed for iOS and Android devices. Coloring is an activity that never gets old, and now, kids can have fun for hours with the new 500 Coloring Pages app. Children and adults alike are able to choose from 500 coloring pages of varying difficulty. Everyone will find something for themselves; enthusiasts of fast cars and dinosaurs as well as fans of fairies and sweet kitties.

Textkraft update increases productivity of writers and translators

Central to Textkraft Professional’s update to version 3.2 are many new features which focus on increasing the productivity of mobile writing processes. Highlights are a search and replace toolbar, a document overview function, a comparison tool, native support of Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, a reading text aloud function, as well as a novel “Extended Forward Delete” function, that was developed in collaboration with professional translators.