Truly ephemeral, encrypted, screenshot protected messaging now available

Sovereign Share LLC today introduces invisi 1.0.7, its new private messaging app for iOS devices. invisi uses a proprietary encryption protocol that protects messages and allows the sender to control when the message self destructs, how many times it can be viewed, how long it can be viewed and enable screenshot protection. Ensuring private, secure communication, invisi is the first easy-to-use app to offer this level of security with all the fun features of social messaging.

The ZodiaCat app now available – fun, personalized horoscopes for cats

Michigan based Itchy Brains today introduces ZodiaCat for iOS, giving cat owners one more special way to connect with their feline friends. ZodiaCat offers fun, daily, personalized horoscopes, written just for cats. Users simply enter their cat’s name and birthday, then choose a profile picture. With a daily shake of the app, they’ll receive a feline-focused, personalized horoscope for their cat. With special birthday and holiday messages, the app also includes social media sharing.

Output Factory for Adobe InDesign Adds New Variable File Name Options

Toronto based Zevrix Solutions today announces Output Factory 1.5.26, a feature update to its output automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Output Factory automates printing, exporting, preflighting and file delivery from InDesign. The software offers batch processing, export as single pages, variable file names, layer versioning, PDF preflight, FTP file delivery, output history and more. Version 1.5.26 lets users insert the current workflow name into the variable name of exported output files.

Routes 2 – Now available worldwide on the App Store

The Clash Soft today announces Routes 2, a major update to its popular route planning app for iOS devices. Routes 2 has been completely programmed from scratch and features many improvements that are sure to delight travellers from all over the world. Travelers can now organize trips without restrictions, choosing the days of the trips and creating a route for each day. Users can add as many waypoints for each day as they want, there are no limits.

Instaviz 2.0 Diagram Sketching for iOS – Think with your Fingers

Pixelglow Software today announces Instaviz 2.0, a major rewrite of the first and best iOS diagram sketcher. Anyone can sketch, refine and share diagrams, mind maps, flowcharts and concept maps even faster and easier on the new version. Then refine ideas with different fonts, colors, styles, shapes and so much more. Version 2.0 offers fifteen new features. including a revamped user interface with clean, modern graphics, scrub-through settings, a thumbnail graph list and help demo videos.

knwledge is a Must-Have App for Users Focused on Improving Themselves

Adam Chater’s innovative new app knwledge empowers users to catch, review, learn and share valuable information that they come across during their day-to-day lives. The app is ideal for professionals, leaders, mentors, coaches, parents and all other users who are constantly striving to improve themselves and those around them. The information can derive from virtually anywhere and anything, including a book, podcast, website, conversation, insight and more.

New No-Cost App WataWaka is World’s First Green Endless Runner Game

Mooneye Games Ltd today introduces WataWaka 1.0.1, the world’s first “Green” endless runner game for iOS and Android devices. To liberate animals one by one, gamers will have to think and move fast as they run through the forest, swing across vines, avoid falling boulders, evade spikes of death and more. Featuring a first-person perspective that gives the game a vivid 3D look and feel, WataWaka is easy to understand, fun to play, and tough to master.

Clipboard Peek Displays Clipboard Content in Today View and Apple Watch

Clipboard Peek by Masters & Savant is the innovative iPhone widget that lets users simply and quickly see the content they’ve copied to their clipboard in their iOS Today view – useful for photos, to-do lists, grocery lists, driving directions, meeting notes, and anything else people need to access often. The companion Apple Watch app provides an even more convenient view of the clipboard, allowing users to see it’s contents without even needing to take out their phones.

First-Ever App for Fighting Traffic Tickets Debuts Today

The Ticket Advocate, LLC today introduces GetDismissed 1.0.404, the first-ever app that enables California drivers to effortlessly fight traffic tickets. Developed for iOS and Android devices, a California driver simply takes a picture of his/her driver’s license and traffic ticket, answers a few questions, and the user-friendly GetDismissed App generates the necessary paperwork and emails it to the driver so he/she can fight his/her ticket via mail. It’s that simple.

Rockstar Rampage – an eccentric rockstar wrecking hotel rooms

Games Of The Universe GmbH today introduces Rockstar Rampage 1.1 for iOS, a game about a freaky rockstar on world tour wrecking an arcade of hotel rooms. Inspired by the original Rampage in which huge monsters destroy cities or fighting games like Final Fight, the game takes this kind of old school gaming to a new level in a comical, rock music- and celebrity scandals-themed game. Featuring simple and intuitive touchscreen controls, a high popularity score unlocks extraordinary weapons.