Lottie Dottie Chicken: huge success in Latin America lands in US

Created by Bromelia and published by 01Digital, Lottie Dottie Chicken 3.0 was released today for iOS and Android devices. With videos and activities targeting kids under seven, the Lottie Dottie Chicken videoclips are full of funny and educational animations that teach kids how good it is to sing and learn. With images to collect, paint, play with puzzles and share, the app features 14 video clips in English, 13 video clips in Spanish with 57 video clips in Portuguese.

Epic Eric swings, flips and bumps his way onto the App Store

UK based indie Game Developer, 232 Studios today introduces Epic Eric 1.1, its new platform puzzler exclusively on iOS devices. This game features the noble knight Epic Eric as he tries to rescue his one true love Princess Erica from her lonely prison tower. And for players less inclined to adhere to fairy tale norms, Epic Eric also lets gamers play as Princess Erica, with the roles of rescuer and rescuee reversed. Epic Eric features 45 levels set across three different gameplay environments.

SaySelfiee App- Android’s Selfie Mode Invades iPhone

Ever since the first mobile phone with a camera was available, there were Selfies. The SaySelfiee app makes taking selfies easy with voice guidance to tell the user what to do. The app offers features not found in other apps including the iPhone camera itself. SaySelfiee sets the standard for taking the highest quality selfies via “Face Detection” and “Auto Snap”; plus it has editing features. After the image is cleaned-up and beautified, it can be shared with social media.

Anime Stickers App Brings Conversations To Life With Stickers

Czech based indie developer, Joseph Liu today introduces Anime Stickers 1.0, his new social networking app for iOS devices. Offering a much more personal way of communicating than plain words, Anime Stickers helps people express their emotions with stickers. When chatting with a friend, the user simply picks the emoticon he feels closest to at a particular moment and sends it. The app features 160 stickers organized into 8 categories of 20 stickers each.

Monkimun launches new language-learning app for kids

Today Monkimun announces Monki Birthday Party for iOS devices. Monki Birthday Party consists of four mini-games related to birthday parties. Kids will learn new words such as numbers, shapes, colours and how to form simple sentences. The app can be used to reinforce a child’s mother tongue or to introduce the sounds and structure of a second language. Monki Birthday Party is fun and at the same time turns language-learning into a fun experience for kids.

Floaty Hamster – An Addictive Game Featuring Physics Now Available

Daygames releases Floaty Hamster 1.1.0, their new game title for iOS & Android devices. Floaty Hamster features an adventurous hamster trying to make his way through the river. Only there’s a maze of infinite beaver-constructed obstacles to navigate. This simple yet tricky game uses an innovative “flinging” system and combines it with the force of gravity for a maddening yet addictive result. The game features hand-drawn graphics, unlockable characters & unlockable story, both via score points.

Magzter clocks 1 million followers on Facebook – Unique Distinction

Touching the 1 million followers mark on Facebook; the leading social networking site, goes to prove that Magzter is indeed the favorite newsstand of readers across the globe. By Like-ing the Magzter page on Facebook, followers can can share links to magazines on Magzter, articles, images, quotes; offer feedback and interact with other followers. Facebook users can also register on Magzter by logging in using their Facebook IDs.

myTuner Relax Pro – A new relaxation app released on the Mac App Store

AppGeneration today introduces myTuner Relax Pro for Mac OS X. Featuring a minimal yet easy-to-use interface, myTuner Relax Pro offers more than 5 hours of the most relaxing songs encoded at 320 Kbps to listen whenever you want. The app also allows users to tune the best 85 radio stations that feature relaxing music from all around the globe and to record their favorite songs. Additionally, they can check the top selling relaxing songs in any country.

Jettison 1.4.1 – Auto-eject your disks before your Mac sleeps

St. Clair Software has released Jettison 1.4.1, an update to their application that automatically ejects external drives before your Mac goes to sleep. It eliminates the hassle of manually ejecting Time Machine backup drives, network server volumes and flash drives. Just close the lid of your MacBook and Jettison does it for you! Version 1.4.1 includes improvements to Jettison’s logic for ejecting and remounting drives, as well as support for Yosemite’s “dark mode” menubar.

GoblinAttack! – One-handed play, FPS Universal iOS 7 game for all ages

California based IFinancials today introduces GoblinAttack! 1.00, their new game title for the Apple iOS platform. GoblinAttack! is the amazing new Free First Person Shooter game that gives you tons-of-fun in as little as 10 seconds of play, while standing in the checkout line, in-between classes, or during a TV commercial, to get a quick jolt of fun! GoblinAttack! is a defensive game, using high-resolution graphics, 16-bit stereo sound, and was designed to be easily played with just one-hand.