Impossibly fun frog jump starts the iPhone 6

Eilean Design announces its new game title for iOS devices, Impossible Frog. Players tap on their screen to make the frog jump from one lily pad to the next while keeping pace with the advancing screen. While it sounds simple it is anything but easy. Impossible Frog has everything that top apps before it have had. All that plus super addicting gameplay make this the game to play on the brand new iPhone 6.

Sailing School Appeals to Seafarers with Educational Content

The love of the open sea is universal among mariners, whether they’re sailing beginners, motorboat captains or working seamen. That’s why Sailing School from Nautica SIA, available now for just $4.99, appeals to seafarers of all kinds with its videos, animations, questions, and other safety and education content. This latest version now is in a smoother and bug-free mobile app featuring full HD video lessons, test preps and navigation basics.

SlabReader ~ Scan. Save. Share. ~ Released by MonsterCoinz Today

MonsterCoinz today introduces SlabReader 1.0 for iOS, its latest innovative app for coin collectors. SlabReader is a powerful new app that provides users with finger tip access to valuable information on more than 30,000,000 coins from three major grading services. Crafted to be a helpful utility for kids and adults in the coin collecting community, the app allows anyone to scan any PCGS, ICG or SEGS holdered coin and displays information about the coin in a beautiful and easy to read layout.

Get your regular dose of the latest in football only on Magzter

All it takes is one click to catch up on the action with your favorite football clubs from across the globe, on Magzter, the world’s largest and fastest growing global digital multi-platform newsstand and magazine store. Magzter’s 21+ million users get the latest news and schedules with loads of exclusives from these official club publications. Search, preview and purchase the issue of your choice. Magzter counts among its publisher customers some marquee names.

Stargazing Bundle Now Available on the App Store

Vito Technology announces that their Stargazer Pack is now available exclusively on the App Store. The bundle includes Star Walk 2, the sequel to the stargazing guide with 10 million users to date, Sky Live, a minimalist reporter of current stargazing conditions, Solar Walk 3D model of the solar system, and Star Walk Kids, the latest company’s bestseller tailored for the younger audience. Each app is sure to give the user a great experience in looking at the stars.

Hidden Hearing Tinnitus Check Provides Essential Information and Causes

Hidden Hearing Tinnitus Check 3.3.80 from Hidden Hearing Ltd offers a wealth of special features, including: information on types of hearing loss and tinnitus, soothing sounds for tinnitus to make symptoms less annoying and more tolerable, ear health tips, and a handy clinic finder. There is also information on Hidden Hearings free ear wax removal service. The app includes a fun “Ask Ernie” tool that lets users ask any hearing-related question, and have it answered by an expert.

How to Upgrade iPhone iPad to iOS 8 without Deleting Anything

iMobie Inc. today announced ways that new users to iOS 8 can upgrade their device without deleting any useful content, along with useful tips on updating. Thanks to more than 20 high-efficient and breakthrough iOS junk removal technologies, PhoneClean can help users reclaim up to 5-8 GB free storage space on their device, with one mouse-clicking. The app finds and removes hidden temp, cookie and cache files generated by app complex calculations and data exchanges to free up more storage space.

Extreme Skating at Venice Beach – Best Half Pipe Skateboard Games Free

ChewingApps Ltd today introduces Extreme Skating at Venice Beach 1.0, their endless skater game for iOS devices. With easy-to-use controls and an engaging storyline, players of Extreme Skating at Venice Beach join the Skyline Skaters in their race against time. By performing a variety of moves such as flips, cannonballs, and the elusive cross rocket, players skate to reach the lodge before the clock runs out. Extreme Skating at Venice Beach also features multiplayer action.

Old MacDonald Has a Farm, Circus and Jungle In New Musical App For Kids

App development company, Touchzing Media today introduces Old MacDonald Songs For Kids 1.0, a new entertaining educational app for children for iPhone and iPad. There are two never before heard versions of the original Old MacDonald song to delight the kids: Old MacDonald had a Jungle and Old MacDonald had a Circus. Kids (2-5 years) will love the songs, music, funny animal characters, interactive animation and much more. The app is free to download and try out.

The popular children’s app Hanna & Henri is back with new challenges

Tales & Dice AB today introduces Hanna & Henri – The Robot 1.0, their new interactive children’s app for iOS devices. In Hanna & Henri – The Robot, children get to build a robot from everyday objects. The variations are many and the only limitation is the children’s creativity. On the way they get to do educational elements like sorting fruit and choosing correct colors. The tale alternates between interactive moments and games, and is presented with a narrator and subtitles.